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We are looking for some new members to 'top up' our 100 club.

This is your chance to win some


so why not join our 100 club?

For more information

Please contact Jenny

01432 850 549

We are always happy to enlist new members onto the committee,


  if you would like to meet some community spirited, friendly folk

please give us a call.

0797 100 5367

There will be ANOTHER!!! ANOTHER!!! Wine evening and Quiz on…date to be arranged for 2018 yes

For tickets please contact Dom 01432 851 231  or  07702 529 303



Sorry If you missed this wine evening & quiz (Nov ‘17)…it was probably the best vintage ever!

Thanks to everyone who came and supported this fun, fun, fun fundraiser - it can’t exist without you (or the hard working BVH committee members!)

Not sure of the date for the next one, so please keep checking back here for updates.